• A Home Exterior With Stone and Brick Walls
  • The Front of a Barn With Brick Walls in Front of a Lawn
  • A Wooden Railing With Glass Panels
  • A Wooden Table With Horns on a Desk
  • A Resort With Brick Color Painted Walls
  • A Green Color Lawn With a Plantation STrip
  • A Landscape View With a Lake and Mountains
  • A Terracotta Walled House With a Lawn
  • A Large Wooden Table With Wooden Stools
    Bird Lovers Bed & Breakfast
  • A Kitchen With a Red Color Floral Carpet

A Tranquil place near a
flowing River

Bird Lovers Bed & Breakfast is located in Saskchewan near the town of Outlook, on the banks of the South Saskchewan River

Check out our listing on the Saskatchewan Tourism Website

Driving directions to Bird Lovers Bed & Breakfast

Approach Outlook on Highway 15 from East or West to 4 way stop (intersection of Saskatchewan Avenue and Mackenzie St.) Head straight North 3 km. on Mackenzie St. to Rudy Landing Estates – We are 150 Rudy lane….we are the only RED house

A Large Stone With One Fifty Written on It